ProConsumerSafety provides consumers with evidenced-based information so consumers can better understand the potential risk of injury from the use of a product and more importantly know how to reduce these risks. ProConsumerSafety also provides evicdenced-based recommendations to promote safer and healthier lifestyles for children and families.

Fortunately many products from cars and car seats, toys, and other products, are regulated and tested by the U.S. government and the manufacturer. In addition to testing, products also have manufacturer instructions. If these however are not fully understood or followed by the consumer, the risk of injury increases dramatically. In addition, many other items and areas in your home, from stairs, swimming pools, the garage or kitchen, and many more, carry a potential risk for injury.

As a consumer, whether you are buying a new car or car seat, expecting a new child at your home, or whether you are having a swimming pool built, ProConsumerSafety can provide you with the knowledge to understand the risks from the use of a specific product and more importantly show you how to reduce these risks, to keep you and your family safe from injury.

Contact information: proconsumersafety@gmail.com

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